Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spread the Word: Antifa Coming to Boston May 13th

Boston Common at noon.

Here's the link.

Interesting how every 12-18 months the same Leftist fcuks do their Leftist schtick under a new Leftist organizational name?  Just sayin'.

Extirpate fewer than 500 of these Leftists across the nation and watch how docile they become...

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Threepers United Against Tyrants

I am a III Percent Patriot.

Those before me who were known by this title took the field against the King and fought to repel the tyranny of the Crown. We had the support of many in the Colonies, but only about three percent of us took to the fields of battle with the arms of the Militiaman.

It is my turn to stand against Evil.

3 Percent. III Percent. Threepers. III'pers.

I am the Militia. I am the defender of my republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Mine is the final recourse, the final appeal, the final line of defense of Liberty. I am there, when words have failed.

Collectivist politics and the deliberate perversion of the Constitution are murdering the country, practiced by both major political parties, our Courts, and sadly by many of our Countrymen.

Our Government is not the problem, it is men who use Government as a vehicle for their crimes against humanity that offends the republic.

Treason exists in every institution of our Government.

Our Founding Principles are mocked and destroyed by those who would be our Masters. Our Countrymen are murdered by the State for exercising their Rights. Families are taxed and regulated into starvation. Our national defenses are lowered, making us vulnerable to the predations of the tyrannies of the world. Our Citizens are treated like criminals, while criminals and murderous terrorists are given the Rights due Citizens. Our military is abused for political agendas. The most elite and sophisticated Criminal Class in the history of the world has been granted license to steal from my Countrymen and they are beyond the law. The moral fabric of Americans is under deliberate, systematic assault by those who benefit from an immoral and amoral society. We are all enslaved to the criminal Political Class who consider us as nothing more than laborers for their every whim.

This I can not abide.

I prefer political discourse and mechanisms as established by our Founders and Framers as the means to recover our national Soul. I will fight in the political realm, and I pray we are never forced to Second Amendment remedies for the ultimate defense of our country and our lives.

The life of the republic, my beloved America, is worth more than my own life. I will defend her at all costs.

I am an American. I am a Militiaman.

Where I stand, my Countrymen are safer by my presence.

Where I go, the enemies of my republic are in peril.

Traitors fear me, with cause.

For my republic, if I must, I will fight, kill and die.

By intellect, rifle, pistol, hatchet and knife and hands.

By any means necessary.

All men die.

How we die, matters.

I will save the republic.

For I am a III Percent Patriot.

When Diplomacy Fails: 1911 Mags

Now available!

III Arms Company 1911 Combat Grade 7 round  mags!

Your choice of Stainless, Black, or Black with Lanyard loop & Lanyard!

All mags are engraved as pictured above.  Tested to 20,000 rounds!

Black Mags have 46-48 HRC surface hardness.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Garrote for Patriots

New garrote offered through III Gear, made in America.
The garrote is a silent killer for the Patriot who needs to take advantage of a sudden opportunity, or has an OSS-style targeted mission that requires stealth and tradecraft.

A few realities about the garrote as a weapon: You will get wet.  Lots of blood, especially if you are using wire - which I personally prefer.  Rope is a strangulation weapon.  Wire is a cutting weapon.  If you have never trained in flexible weapons, find a martial artist or old-school spy with the requisite background and ask for a special course program.

OSS Issue: Preferred T-Handle design
If you succeed in getting close enough to employ the garrote, and you are smart enough to use wire, please use T-handles on the ends.  Some people sell versions with rings for you to pull tight, but you are then having to concentrate all of your force on single points.  Much better to spread your strength along a 3 inch stick/steel rod.

Next - people who suddenly feel a garrote around their neck will whig the F out - especially if they are trained and they know what is coming.  If they are not trained, you'll have to deal with the startle response and panic. If they are trained, they are going to try to get fingers (best case for you) or something steel between the garrote and their neck (worst case for you), and counter-attack violently.  So, get that weapon looped FAST and cinched even FASTER.  Either way, pull that soon-to-be dead Enemy of Liberty away from anything he can kick against for leverage. They may also try to flip you over their head or execute a shoulder throw - be ready for it. Defenses against the garrote attack are limited, and by necessity, extremely vigorous and violent.

Next, assuming you get his neck clean, or even with a few fingers, pull with everything you've got.  Wire will start digging in and cutting meat. But make no mistake - you've got to use strength.
Less optimal ring design

Understand he is going to thrash, kick, reach for a pistol or knife.  Be ready to defeat these attempts.  First move, kick the back of his knee and take him to a manageable height.  If he is still reaching to pull that knife and gut you or pistol to shoot you, be in a position to block that hand with the bottom of your boot.  You won't have to hang on long - but it'll seem like forever the first time you have to do it.  If it is available to you (he's not reaching for a weapon, he's locked on the primal instinct trying to reach the garrote as it cuts) put a knee in his back and arch him backward - not so much that he falls - you want to stay on your feet for defensive reasons. 

If you have done everything right, as I have instructed above, you'll have an unconscious target in a few seconds - 3 to 8, usually.  He'll be dead in under a minute if he bleeds out.  He may have a few fingertips on the ground, because your garrote will cut through them easily.  You will have cut through his windpipe (no screams) and you will have cut through his carotids - hence the bloody mess, but the quick blackout.

If mission parameters call for it, drag him out of sight.  If mission parameters call for it (like you have to blend back into public after this caper) have spare clean clothes you can slip into to avoid the blood.  If mission parameters call for it, dump his seeping corpse in the middle of the street as Fair Warning to other Commies in your AO.

III Gear is now offering a well-built garrote (pictured above) with your choice of ABS or aluminum T-handles and a micro-braided 23" wire.  The III logo is engraved on each end of the T-handles.  A special training program is offered free with every garrote sold.  Of course, it is made in America and comes with a lifetime warranty.

For a limited time the III Percent Society is offering a free garrote to all new and renewing Members who sign-up for a single payment membership.  If it is time to renew your membership, get your garrote free!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

TERMN-8Rs are Selling Fast - Get an Extra III Freebie!

**UPDATE**  All units have SOLD OUT.  Anytone plans to offer more in the future.

OK - the orders are rolling in.  I'm glad so many of you think this is as good a deal as do I.

To have what is essentially several radios in one is not only a money-saver for your Team/Tribe, but it reduces the number of items you need to carry when you kit-up.

It also gives you several Comms options if things get sticky - consider the possibilities if you and your Team are doing a piece of work, and all you need to do is "flip a switch" to change Comms platforms.  It may not defeat OpFor's ability to keep an ear on you - but it can slow them down and maybe even keep you a half-step ahead of them, at least for a while.

And I can't stress enough the value of the Frequency Hopping capability.  Even if NSA has the keys to that particular kingdom, Mayberry PD doesn't.  (Full radio specs/features are at the bottom of this post)

We are ahead of my expectations regarding the number of radios you folks are buying - which is great, and I thank you.  Not only is this a good deal for you and your Tribe, it is good for all of us in the Liberty Movement if we build even small bits of standardization.  The folks at AmRRON are standing behind this radio, and from the sales numbers of just the last few hours, it looks like this radio is filling a niche that needed to be addressed.

As mentioned in the first post, I will place our order on Monday - so be sure to get your order into us ASAP.  In addition to the Shoot, Move & Communicate patch that we'll be giving with each radio - if we can add just 14 more radios to this first order, we'll be able to include another small token of appreciation in everyone's order.

So if you need this sort of Comms solution, and you are thinking about ordering the TERMN-8Rs, jump on the PayPal link below and let's do some damage.  Take your radios with you to Brock's PatCon, or bring them with you to our Idaho event.  Get in the habit of using them when your wife goes shopping.  Get your kids a ticket and get them some experience that doesn't center around texting on the cell network.

Using the tools of the Resistance now will only make it easier when everything goes hot...


  • TERMN-8R Radio Body
  • 2200mAh Battery
  • High Gain Antenna
  • Earpiece with Remote Mic
  • Desktop Charger
  • 120v AC Adapter
  • Belt Clip
  • Wrist Strap


Frequency range:
[TX] 136 - 174MHz, 400 - 520MHz
[RX] 136 - 174MHz, 400 - 520MHz, 520-1710kHz (AM Broadcast), 2.3-30MHz (Shortwave), 68-108MHz (FM Broadcast), 108-136MHz (Aviation Band)

Pre-Programmed Modes:
5 MURS Channels
7 NOAA Weather Channels
23 GMRS Channels

Channel Capacity:
200 Channels, 10 Memory Banks

Channel Spacing
25KHz (wide band)12.5KHz (narrow band)

≤0.25μV (wide band)  ≤0.35μV (narrow band)

Operation Voltage
7.4V DC ±20%


Frequency step:
2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 20, 25, 30 and 50KHz

Antenna Connector: SMA-Female / Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

Accessory Connector:
Kenwood 2 Pin Standard


Output power: 
5W / 2W / 1W (Max 6W)

123×66×39mm (with battery)

285g (with battery, antenna, belt clip)

Audio Power Output

1000mW/10% (1 WATT)

Monday, March 23, 2015

III Comms Announcement

**BLOGGERS**  Please help me spread this post to the Patriots in your audiences.

There appears to be significant interest in the new TERMN-8R tactical radios among Patriots here. Getting tactical gear into your hands is a critical function of the III.  So I am going to make it happen.  AmRRON stands behind these radios, and that is one heck of an endorsement. My Tribe is adding these radios to our kits.

I have decided that I will front my own cash to get the ball rolling for everyone, and leave the III Society out of the equation, at least for now. If you have looked at the specs for the radio, you know it handles the tasks of several radios, all in one.  For the III Patriot Team on a tight budget, this radio will give you more capability for less money, and with fewer pieces of gear in your kit.  Additionally, the Frequency Hopping capability takes tactical comms and security to another level, at a price point that simply can't be beat.  We will offer the radios at $135/per - a few bucks under MSRP.  We'll ship USPS Priority Flat Rate.  When you look at the PayPal drop-down menu below, you'll notice we include shipping in the price for whatever quantity of radios you purchase - it makes things easier on our end.

I am going to place the order in one week - Monday the 30th.  That gives you a bit of time to get your orders in to us.  However, please get your order in ASAP - because with the first 100 radios ordered we will include a free III Resistor patch for your Team members.  The patch is pictured above - another of Zoomie's outstanding designs.  So, if you order 4 radios for your Team, you'll get 4 patches, one for each Team Member getting a radio.  Cohesion.  Morale.  III.

If you can afford to do it, consider buying a few for your local Militia.  Those men and women are the tip of the spear for the Liberty Movement, and they need as much support as we can give them.  So even if your Comms needs are squared away, if you can afford it, buy a few radios for other Patriots.  If you don't know who to gift the purchase to - let us know, and we'll put them into the hands of serious III Militia.  Or you can simply let me know and I will send a few in your name to Brock so he can raffle them at his PatCon, or you can designate them as raffle items for the Idaho PatCon, and we'll get them to the Planning Committee.

If you can help your fellow Patriots - this is a damned good way to help.

**NOTE**  III Society members & current IIIGear orders: If you are one of the few remaining III Society members who have had SWAG delayed, or if you have a IIIGear order pending, we will ship radios & patches at the same time.  This will help us keep shipping & handling costs a bit lower.

I am a III Patriot.  I will continue to do everything in my power to help you and your Teams be ready to put down the threats coming our way from the Enemies of Liberty.  Comms is an essential requirement for us all.  If we can't communicate, we can't win.  To this end, I will donate the slim profit margin offered by the TERMN-8R manufacturer to the III Society general fund.

III to III.  If you and I don't do it - it won't get done.

There is a PayPal purchase menu below, and I'll put one on the sidebar as well.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Outfitting a KX3 from Elecraft

Sparks lays out the full-kit you should put together if you decide the Elecraft KX-3 will play a role in your future.  If you are new to the Comms/Signals aspect of the polygonal battlespace, I strongly suggest you take the time to go to Signal Corps and begin reading from his first post.  At the moment the volume of posts is manageable, and the volume of offered information is priceless.

Your HF Radio kit is simply one important part of your personal Comms outfit that you should be putting together.  You'll need an assortment of scanners to help you keep tabs on OpFor and to help you find any nasty little bugs OpFor may have succeeded in putting in your space.  You'll need radios suitable for intra-unit use.  You should learn Morse Code - not simply how to send a message, but how to turn the sounds coming at you into letters and words.

How much money and time have you spent on guns, ammo and field gear?

How much money and time have you spent on SUT and CQB?

How much money and time have you spent preparing to communicate?

You have to fill in any weak-spots you may have in your skillset, and the clock is ticking against you.

Here's the link.